Becoming Me - Internship

Becoming Me Internship program offers nonpaid internship opportunities to college students to learn how to deliver youth development programs and life coaching services.  The internship program is focused on allowing aspiring professionals to develop skills, enhance their creativity, and have an impact on the community and their fields of interest.

A primary focus of the organization is Prevention, therefore,  the internship program focuses on Peer-Led-Prevention. The program is geared towards students that are interested in youth development or serving organizations that provide programs and services to youth, families, or college students. 


Students interning with the organization that are providing direct service must hold a prevention certification or a Social Work Assistant certification.


The agency will provide in-service training hours and field experience that will make them eligible for certification in prevention, RA (Registered Applicant), or OCPSA (Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant).  


To be eligible for this opportunity, students must commit to one academic year of service, obtain BCI clearance, participate in the interview process, submit their  RA or OCPSA applications with the filing fee, and complete agency training series. 


Becoming Me interns are the foundation of the program, after receiving training and obtaining certification, students begin applying skills they have learned through the training process. 


How to Intern with the Organization?

1.  Contact the organization for more information

2.  Schedule an interview 

3.  Complete the internship application 

4.  Complete your BCI & FBI criminal background check (This information is provided during the interview process)


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