Choose 2 Be U

Choose 2 Be U is our life coaching program for teens 16 -18. The Choose 2 Be U program, provides developmentally appropriate interventions and activities with the use of evidence-based curriculum and practices, as well as a structured experiential learning environment. Activities are well-sequenced, active, and the concentration on social skills is explicit and focused.


There are 3 essential parts to the Choose 2 Be U program:


1.  Who Am I/Where Am I ?    -  Coaching Services 


Participants are paired with a life coach and together they work to uncover inner skills, talents, and strengths. Coaching Services consist of weekly Saturday group sessions and one-on-one sessions with assigned coaches. Group sessions are gender-specific. 


2.  My Role as a Team Member  -  Mentoring & Service Learning


The group discussions completed during part one help build personal insight that is instrumental in the team-building phase. Participants are engaged in activities that help them learn how to work as a team and address conflicts, as team participants complete service-learning projects that tie into the needs of the community.


3.  The Art of Positive Expression  -  Media Workshops 


Participants are trained to create pod/videocasts, e-books, or photography projects. The projects created by youth allow them to express their emotions about life experiences, or personal interests while providing a healthy way to express and address both negative and positive emotions, triumphs, and challenges.



  • Increase positive peer networks.

  • Improve problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Improve self-concept.

  • Improve concepts of sisterhood and brotherhood.

  • Improve personal perception of future outlook.



















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