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Through Their Eyes

Project Challenges

The Working On Me Club is designed to get middle school youth to create, invent, and imagine out of the box, using critical thinking skills, group discussions, and skills acquired through workshop participation.


Each year participants engage in a Challenge to create Art projects using socially impactful photography.  The Challenge uses photography as an art form to link and expresses a social concern or mission.  Youth are charged with creating projects that will elicit emotion, conversation, thought, and action by community members and leaders. 

2019   Project Challenge:  The Beauty in a Bando 

The Challenge for 2019 deals with community development and architectural photography. Participants were charged with visiting the Collinwood and Glenville communities and photographing abandoned commercial properties and developing a community plan to repurpose the space.  


The showcase will occur in Oct. 2019, but one of there workshop sessions is featured below. 


The project received funding support from:  


  • The Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

  • Neighborhood Connections

  • V.O.I.C.E. Consulting 

Behind the scenes with Beauty in a Bando 

2018 Through Their Eyes as they were Meant to be Heard Project:
Through Their Eyes as they were Meant to be Heard Project competition addressed socially conscious messages.  The initial project concept was to charge youth participants w