Girls Who Code is a program designed to educate middle school girls about STEM science through coding.  Coding is a process that teaches app development. Girls will learn how to create apps for cell phones and tablets. 

Our program also has an entrepreneurship component.  Girls enrolled in the program will educate local business owners on how to use apps to market their business.

Program activities for participants:

1.  Engage in coding trainings

2.  Learn presentation skills

3.  Develop presentation for local business owners about apps and marketing

4.  Develop a contest for local business owners to enter to have an app developed for        their business

5.  Select the contest winner

6.  In teams, girls will develop one app for the selected business

7.  Present apps to the contest winner

8.  Business selects winning app








Call to enroll

    (216) 307-ME2U (6328)     Click here to download enrollment form.

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