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An Illustrative Walk Through Our Subculture!! 

The events of 2020 were unprecedented.  The occurrence of a global pandemic,  incidences of racial unjust,  and disparities in access to needed resources for families caused many to feel isolated, devalued, and unheard. 

Through Their Eyes has historically served as a foundation for youth to use photovoice as a tool to express their views about social issues in society.

This year, we heard the communities' need to VOICE their concerns and be heard, and we opened Through Their Eyes to everyone who wanted to participate.

The 2020 project, Through Eyes:  An Illustrative Walk Through Culture, was initially designed to allow youth to become acquainted with the culture of other youth groups. The pandemic presented major obstacles with our project design, eliminating travel, forcing training sessions, and the final showcase to occur virtually.  Additionally, we focused on subculture we allowed for more internal introspection.

Drumroll Please..........

Our 2020 Project Submissions:


"Nature is the worlds' free resource for stress relief"

"Food is meant to make the soul happy"

Arica Schielly

"Oh Word"

image2 2.jpeg

"An open door means enter right?"

"Faith, Love, & Life"

KioMara Pacheco

Trina Huguley


Peppers from the garden 

Hot the taste

Shared with our neighbors

As we say grace

Karen Valentin


Calm, Cool, & Classy

A girl's gotta eat


Calm me



Understanding Anxiety and effective coping skills

I'm dealing with a Latte




Black Lives Matter!

My Life Matters!

All Lives Don't Matter Until My Black Life Matters!


Her hair is her crown

It takes work and time

Manipulation does not equal beauty