"Becoming Me"

Internship Training and Coaching Program 

Becoming Me is an internship training program for college students.  As the organization's primary focus is Prevention, the internship program focuses on Peer-Led-Prevention. The program is geared towards students that are interested in youth development or serving organizations that provide programs and services to youth and families.  


Students interning with the organization providing direct services must hold a prevention certification. The agency will provide in-service training hours and field experience that will make them eligible for a certification in prevention, RA (Registered Applicant) or OCPSA (Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant).  To be eligilbe for this opportunity, students must commit to one academic year of service, obtain BCI clearance, participate in the interview process, sumbit their  RA and OCPSA applications with filing fee (RA - $10.00, OCPSA $50.00) and complete agency life/career coaching series. 


Becoming Me interns are the foundation of the program, after receiving training and obtaing certification, students begin applying skills they have learned through the training and coaching process. 


The Process:


1.  Download and complete application, MUST BE TYPED.


2.  Schedule an interview.


3.  Complete BCI, if cleared to work with youth student will complete the following steps:


4.  Orientation, the orientation model provides an overview of the certification requirements for prevention professionasl, training in the area of yotuh development and peer-led prevention, state requirements prevention agencies and professionals, agency protocols, and a life evaluation screening.


5.  Training, the training module provides an in-depth training of each prevention strategy,how to implement, how to document, how use evidenced-baded intervnetion strategies and the differences beween evidenced-based and researched-based program interventions.


6.  Service Assignment - students are provided a detailed description of their service assignments and responsibilities.


7.  Service Delivery - upon completion of the trainings, the student begins theri service as a peer-led prevention leader.


8.  Coaching - students receive one-on-one coaching session: precoaching, active coaching, and post coaching.


Download brohure.

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