Choose 2 Be U

Choose 2 Be U is our life coaching program for teens 16 -18. The Choose 2 Be U program, provides developmentally appropriate interventions and activities with the use of evidence-based curriculum and practices, as well as a structured experiential learning environment. Activities are well sequenced, active, and the concentration on social skills is explicit and focused.


There are 3 essential parts to the Choose 2 Be U program:


1.  Who Am I/Where Am I ?    -  Coaching Services 


Participants are paired with a life coach and together they work to uncover inner skills, talents, and strengths. Coaching Services consist of weekly Saturday group sessions and one-on-one sessions with assigned coaches. Group sessions are gender specific. 


2.  My Role as a Team Member  -  Mentoring & Service Learning


The group discussions completed during part one help build personal insight that is instrumental in the team building phase. Participants are engaged in activities that help them learn how to work as a team and address conflicts, as team participants complete service learning projects that tie into the needs of the community.


3.  The Art of Positive Expression  -  Media Workshops 


Participants are trained to create pod/videocasts, e-books, or photography projects. The projects created by youth allow them to express their emotions about life experiences, or personal interests, while providing a healthy way to express and address both negative and positive emotions, triumphs and challenges.



  • Increase positive peer network.

  • Improve problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Improve self-concept.

  • Improve concepts of sisterhood and brotherhood.

  • Improve personal perception of future outlook.



















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