St. Martin de Porres Summer Camp

July 16, 2018 - July 20, 2018


Project: Meant to Be Heard Ages 5-11

Kinesiology, Sports Photography, MOTIVATION!

Participants learned a new term, Kinesiology, the study of motion, how the body moves.  Nothing illustrates movement in a more defined way that sports activity.  Participants learned the art of capturing motion through sports photography.  Motion encourages people to act.  Participants use their action photos to create motivational messages. 






lamotivational poster
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St. Martin de Porres After School Program 

February 2018 - June 2018

Macro Photography


Beauty is in the EXAGGERATED details.

Even organizations have to deal with challenges beyond their control.   In June we were given eight days to vacate our office, after a meeting with a city councilman we received a 30-day extension.  The request to vacate occurred shortly after implementing our Parent Day Away Weekend Summer Camp.  Our doors will open on September 16, 2017, to the public, in our new location.  


This video was created by Aminah Wyatt, Cleveland Heights High School Senior & Youth Facilitator of the "Meant to Be Heard Project."

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St. Martin de Porres Summer Camp

July 31, 2017-August 4, 2017


Project: Meant to Be Heard Ages 10-13

Particpipants planned, recorded, & edited podcasts - Students were given 2 days to plan and 2 days to record their show. Each session was 1.5 hours in length. Listen to their hard work by clicking the play button.







Project: Through Their Eyes Ages 6-9

Photography Lessons - Students were given 3 days to master three rules of photography and 1 day to shoot a masterpiece.  Each session was 1.5 hours in length.  View their accomplishments below. Just click the photo to enlarge.  ENJOY!


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