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Inventing ME!

Created by Shirley Moss-Allen, Social Work Student Intern 2020 
Cleveland State University 


Inventing Me is a program designed to accommodate the developmental needs of youth in grades 3-5, through a 4-H Foundation, STREAM, Prevention & Wellness, and Service Learning. 


Why use a 4-H Foundation?  The 4-H curriculum models the civic, science, and entrepreneurial engagement of youth that society, the community, and schools desire, but lack. Establishing these characteristics early and developing them gradually over time produces engaged, civically responsible and respondent youth citizens that want to develop sustainable communities. The 4-H foundation also provides an atmosphere that allows the young person to become a leader and lead. Inventing Me infuses other multiple curricula that promote prevention strategies that build and harness individual refusal skills.




4-H Foundation Topics 


•  STEM Science

•  Plant & Animal Science

•  Environmental Science

•  Business & Citizenship

•  Healthy Living 

•  Creative Arts


Prevention & Wellness Topics

•  Substance Abuse Prevention

•  Decision-Making & Problem-Solving

•  Life Skills

•  Leadership

•  Career Exploration

•  Preparing College or Trade

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