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Potential Vendors

From Me 2 U, Inc. is a volunteer-based organization. We do, however, offer small contracts to individuals to facilitate programming. 


From Me 2 U, Inc. strongly supports social enterprise entrepreneurs. As such, we offer social enterprise entrepreneurs the opportunity to use programs and projects they have developed with our organization. These opportunities are volunteer-based; no compensation is rendered for services or use of products. Developers, however, can use the organization as a reference, and successful collaborations will be featured on the organization’s website and our social media pages.


Though we appreciate your interest in assisting our organization, From Me 2 U, Inc., a volunteer-based organization, does not support or acknowledge unsolicited requests from vendors.

For social enterprise entrepreneurs that are interested in implementing their programs or services voluntarily, please complete our Social Enterprise Vendor's Form.

Thank you for your interest and desire to support the organization. 

Click the Vendor  image to be taken to the form.

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