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Working On Me is a program designed for:


Middle School and Junior High School Students 


Overlooked and overshadowed no more, this is just for you, no exceptions. 


The program has a technoprreneurship focus. Yes, we just created a new word.  


Participants receive training in entrepreneurship and business development in addition to four other technology-based trainings: 


  1. Digital Photography

  2. Podcasting

  3. Coding

  4. 3-D Architectural and Interior Design 


Call to enroll

(216) 307-ME2U (6328)



Working On Me!

  1. Photography for Beginners 

  2. Black and White Photography

  3. ISO

  4. Understanding your Lens

  5. Histograms

Advanced Beginners 
  1. Macro Photography

  2. Focus

  3. Editing 

  4. Illustration 

Digital Photography

Social Media Influencers

Becoming a social media influencer is a lucrative career. Choose to learn to use the power of persuasion to support socially responsible behavior. 


Be a leader, uplift, and support your peers. Have the courage to do what's right, while peacefully, and respectfully stand up for injustice. 


Pod/Video Casting


Girls Who Code is a program designed to educate middle school girls about STEM science through coding.  Coding is a process that teaches app development. Girls will learn how to create apps for cell phones and tablets. 


Our program also has an entrepreneurship component.  Girls enrolled in the program will educate local business owners on how to use apps for marketing their business.



Program activities for participants:


1.  Engage in coding training

2.  Learn presentation skills

3.  Develop a presentation for local business owners about apps and marketing

4.  Develop a contest for local business owners to enter to have an app    developed for their business

5.  Select the contest winner

6.  In teams, girls will develop one app for the selected business

7.  Present apps to the contest winner

8.  The chosen company chooses the winning app












Discover the art and science of designing buildings and various structures.

Learn basics room and exterior design composition. Select lighting for the scene and apply different materials.


3-D Architecural & Interior Design

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